OeTTINGER welcomes its first female apprentice professional driver

OeTTINGER welcomes its first female apprentice professional driver

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  • 16. September 2021

Brewery history in the making: Jennifer Nitschke is the first female to start an apprenticeship as professional driver with OeTTINGER. Even though this is a profession that is dominated by men, she is completely unphased. For Jennifer, starting her three-year apprenticeship at our headquarters in Oettingen is a dream come true – she has loved big trucks ever since she was a kid. The 20 year-old, who was born and bred in Oettingen, says: “I especially like the fact that one gets to see a lot of the world because one is constantly on the move. Sitting behind the wheel also gives me a great sense of freedom, but I am, of course, well aware of the huge responsibility that I have when I’m in control of such a large vehicle.” An HGV driver’s license is not needed for an apprentice professional driver. It is part of the apprenticeship; we fully support our apprentice thereby covering all of the license costs.

Three other women are also starting careers in previously male-dominated industries: At our Braunschweig location, Nancy Gutierrez is beginning her apprenticeship as brewer and maltster, while manufacturing in Mönchengladbach can soon look forward to a double dose of girl power, with Paula Mühlke and Gina Lorbetzki also beginning apprenticeships as brewer and maltster at this site. A delighted brewery boss Pia Kollmar says: “So many women in previously male-dominated roles – this has never happened before at OeTTINGER Brewery – and is long overdue!” 

A wide range of apprenticeships at OeTTINGER

In August and September, a total of 18 apprentices have started their apprenticeships at our four brewing sites in Oettingen, Gotha, Mönchengladbach and Braunschweig. This means that across our entire group, we currently have 46 apprentices working in the following professions: Brewer and maltster, food technology specialist, professional driver, warehouse logistics specialist, shipping and service logistics manager, industrial manager, industrial mechanic and electronics technician for automation. Pia Kollmar says: “We are proud that once again this year so many apprentices have chosen to start their careers at OeTTINGER Brewery. Giving young talents a good start in the world of work with the best-possible apprenticeship is something that is very close to our hearts.”     

If you are interested in an apprenticeship with us, there are still places available for 2022 at all of our sites! For more information, including career and internship opportunities, go to www.oettinger-bier.de/karriere.

Oettingen: Jennifer Nitschke, the first dray-woman in the history of OeTTINGER Brewery. Photo: OeTTINGER Brewery
Oettingen: Michelle Münich (5th from right): Apprenticeship for service and logistics. Paul Wessel (4th from left): Warehouse logistics specialist. Jonas Laubensdörfer (4th from right): Apprenticeship as brewer and maltster, Jonas Funk (6th from left): Food technology specialist, Silas Rusch (2nd from left): Apprenticeship as industrial manager. Kevin Effenberg (3rd from left), Jennifer Nitschke (2nd from right): Apprenticeship as professional driver.
Braunschweig: Nancy Gutierrez (center), Lukas Solf (left): Apprenticeship as brewer and maltster. Right: Technical Site Manager Siegfried Hanisch. Photo: OeTTINGER Brewery
Mönchengladbach: Paula Mühlke (left), Gina Lorbetzki (right): Apprenticeship as brewer and maltster. Christian Buchem (center): Apprenticeship as professional driver. Photo OeTTINGER Brewery
Gotha: Levi Lämmerhirt (3rd from right): Apprenticeship as professional driver, Patrick Schönau (5th from right): Warehouse logistics specialist, Miguel Bröde (4th from left): Electronics technician for automation technology, Moritz Günther (4th from right) and Paul Bischof (5th from left): Food technology specialist. Photo: OeTTINGER Brewery