Sponsoring the new mini golf course at Wörnitz outdoor pool: OeTTINGER’s loop the loop hole is the main attraction!

Sponsoring the new mini golf course at Wörnitz outdoor pool: OeTTINGER’s loop the loop hole is the main attraction!

  • Engagement
  • 22. April 2022

The town of Oettingen could not have asked for better weather over the Easter weekend: On Maundy Thursday at the Wörnitz open air swimming pool, the new mini golf course was officially opened in glorious sunshine. And our OeTTINGER brewery was also represented! – We are one of the 18 course sponsors from the town which helped make this possible. At the opening ceremony, Mayor of Oettingen Thomas Heydecker expressed his thanks to all those involved in the project.
Our company helped to make this snazzy golf course a reality by offering financial support as well as more general advice and practical assistance. The apprentices from our Business Administration and Technical departments were heavily involved in the planning and implementation of the project.  
The result: A real eyecatcher! And there are no prizes for guessing which of the highly creative and challenging holes was designed by our brewery: Large stainless steel letters spelling out OeTTINGER have been ingeniously incorporated into the mini golf course, with the “O” in our company name now providing the main attraction of the entire course by making a loop the loop.

A sporty team: Pia Kollmar (2nd from left) tests out the OeTTINGER hole along with our apprentices. 

And that’s not all: the tee has been created in the shape of an upscaled crown cork featuring the slogan: “OeTTINGER® – ALWAYS ORIGINAL.”
The 9th hole sponsored by OeTTINGER is also original: At this point in the course, a bench made of striking blue beer crates offers players from near and far an opportunity for a well-deserved rest to enjoy a refreshing drink after completing their sporting challenge.

A bench to rest tired legs: Our apprentices toast their successful project.

Our senior boss Ingrid Kollmar and our brewery boss Pia Kollmar were among the first players to try out the new course: “We thought the idea for this initiative was really great. As a business with strong roots, fostering a sense of togetherness and community spirit is something that is very close to our hearts. Our apprentices deserve special praise for their exceptional work in designing the amazing OeTTINGER hole. We hope all mini golf fans really enjoy playing this course!”

Information on the course: The mini golf course at Wörnitz open air swimming pool in Oettingen has 18 holes and is now open every day from 2pm until 5pm, weather permitting.

Laser focus: Ingrid Kollmar at the OeTTINGER loop the loop hole.