OeTTINGER Kirchweih Beer: Previewing the beer event of the year in Oettingen

OeTTINGER Kirchweih Beer: Previewing the beer event of the year in Oettingen

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  • 26. June 2024

The Jakobi-Kirchweih – Oettingen’s beer festival steeped in tradition – is set to take place again July 26-29. Tradition also dictates that the latest Kirchweih beer is always tasted a couple of weeks before the main event gets underway.

This year, the festival manager once again chose our OeTTINGER Helles (original wort 11.3%, ABV 4.9%, with a subtle malt aroma and lightly golden in color!) as the official festival beer. A liter – or “Maß” to the locals – of this festival beer will set you back € 9.60. Not bad when you consider that you can expect to pay the best part of € 15.00 per Maß at Oktoberfest in Munich!

The town of Oettingen took the beer tapping ceremony as a way of saying thank you – not only to OeTTINGER Brewery and our master brewers in particular, but also to its own administrative staff. The fact that the Kirchweih festival can take place every year is down in no small part to their organizational talent.

You can find out what the Jakobi-Kirchweih festival has in store for visitors across its four days in the Bavarian town of Oettingen, which is home to our brewery’s headquarters, here.

Mayor of Oettingen Thomas Heydecker (front row, fourth from the left), Festival Manager Christian Gruber (front row, fifth from the left), employees from the Oettingen administrative department and members of the shareholder Kollmar family (front row; third from the left, and first and third from the right), are already preparing themselves mentally for the start of the upcoming Jakobi-Kirchweih festival.