OeTTINGER Brewery history: The underground beer pipeline. Myth or reality?

OeTTINGER Brewery history: The underground beer pipeline. Myth or reality?

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  • 1. August 2022

The reality

Yes, it’s true: We do indeed have an underground beer pipeline! What is now customary at Oktoberfest, large festivals and a handful of football stadiums caused a real sensation in the Bavarian town of Oettingen around 30 years ago. Our 3.6km beer pipeline was put into operation in 1989. It runs along the edge of town directly from our brewery in the north of Oettingen to our brewery in the south. Why? Because although we of course brew beer at Brauhaus Nord, we don’t actually bottle any of it here – this takes place at Brauhaus Süd.
The OeTTINGER beer pipeline is made up of three pipes with a diameter of around 10 centimeters each. Beer flows through two of the pipes in alternating fashion, while a cleaning solution is pumped through the other. Around the clock, Monday through Friday, we transport up to 300 hectoliters of beer per hour. This is a neat logistical solution that is at the same time environmentally friendly.

The myth

No, Oettingen residents are not able to directly tap into the beer pipeline from their homes. A shame, of course, but definitely a myth nonetheless. Moreover, nobody has ever tried tapping into the OeTTINGER Beer pipeline to try and permanently connect it to their house or for a party… fortunately for us! Residents of Oettingen, we appreciate your self-restraint! Actually, for security reasons, we do keep the exact coordinates and route of the pipeline fairly secret. In fact, it is only the connections of the underground beer pipeline at Brauhaus Nord and Brauhaus Süd that can be seen.

The three pipes that comprise the OeTTINGER underground beer pipeline could only be seen for a short time in 1988 before construction was completed.
The unassuming start to the 3.6km journey made by our Original OeTTINGER beer from Brauhaus Nord to Brauhaus Süd.