Günther and Ingrid Kollmar Foundation awards three new scholarships

Günther and Ingrid Kollmar Foundation awards three new scholarships

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  • 10. October 2022

The Günther and Ingrid Kollmar Foundation will celebrate its 10th birthday on November 5. In the run up to this anniversary, three scholarship recipients for this year have now been announced: Sophia Nagel (26) from Hainsfarth, Simon Renner (21) from Munningen and Simon Sprößer (22) from Fremdingen.

All three managed to impress the seven foundation members both with their excellent academic performances as well as their commitment to social responsibility, which they have demonstrated in their own individual ways.

Sophia Nagel is studying medical and communication sciences in Augsburg. Her two fellow scholarship recipients Simon Renner and Simon Sprößer are both studying in Heidenheim – industrial engineering and mechanical engineering respectively.

About the Günther and Ingrid Kollmar Foundation

The Günther and Ingrid Kollmar Foundation was established in 2012. Its aim is to empower young people with a passion for learning to further develop themselves in their respective spheres, take on social responsibility and drive change. The concept of the Günther and Ingrid Kollmar Foundation was borne from the idea that, after their training, the scholarship recipients would use the gifts at their disposal – knowledge, ideas, time, resolve and vision – to help strengthen the regions around Oettingen and Wassertrüdingen.

The deadline for scholarship applications next year is July 31, 2023.

For further information, please visit: www.kollmar-foerderstiftung.de

Scholarship recipients and foundation members (from left): Stefan Ultsch (Mayor of Wassertrüdingen), Christian Düll, Ingrid Kollmar, Simon Renner, Kathrin Schön, Sophia Nagel, Thomas Heydecker (Mayor of Oettingen), Simon Sprößer, Michael Hofmann and Pia Kollmar