Apprentice events make a comeback: Three great days for the next generation of talent at all OeTTINGER sites

Apprentice events make a comeback: Three great days for the next generation of talent at all OeTTINGER sites

  • Engagement
  • 26. April 2023

At last! After an enforced three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were finally able to organize a multi-site team event for the vocational training program at OeTTINGER: A total of 24 apprentices from the Oettingen, Braunschweig, and Mönchengladbach sites gathered at our headquarters in Oettingen along with their instructors.

Barbara Lechner, Organizer and Head Instructor at our brewery, says: “We are absolutely delighted that our apprentices can finally get together again here in Oettingen. The apprentice event is an excellent opportunity for apprentices to get to know one another and to share their experiences. Here at OeTTINGER, we place enormous value on colleague cooperation. This meeting of the next generation of talent at OeTTINGER is not just about professional growth, but also fostering team spirit.”

In line with tradition, the three-day event began with varied team building activities that allowed the apprentices to get to know one another. During the game evening, apprentices were tasked with solving a Gordian Knot and building a marshmallow tower, for example.

Of course, the most important point on the agenda was a brewery tour. This offered fascinating insights into production and bottling. Straight afterward, the apprentices had the chance to race each other around the go-karting track in Günzburg!

To end a jam-packed three days, our apprentices visited the Forstquell Brewery in Fürnheim, which is at the heart of the OeTTINGER Brewery origin story. To document the event, we posted lots of photos and video clips to our Instagram careers account. We also made a highlight reel, which we hope appeals to our target group.

About the vocational training occupations at OeTTINGER
We offer vocational training opportunities at all sites in the following occupations: Brewer/maltster, food technology specialist, professional driver, warehouse logistics specialist, forwarding manager, and industrial manager. Of course, as you might expect, most of our apprentices go on to become brewers/maltsters.

For more information as well as current job, vocational training, and internship opportunities, please visit the careers section of our website.

On your marks, get set, go! Our apprentices went full throttle around the Günzburg go-karting track.
The brewery tour offered a wealth of fascinating insights.
Team building: All hands on deck to solve the Gordian Knot.