Blockbuster potential: Students shoot OeTTINGER film

Blockbuster potential: Students shoot OeTTINGER film

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  • 15. August 2023

First things first: the link to the short film (length: three and a half minutes) on the OeTTINGER YouTube channel. In the first 90 seconds, the film shows some of our colleagues, while the voice of our IT colleague, Chris Fröhling, who narrates the film, can be heard right up to the very end.

Screenshot short film “OeTTINGER. Jeder Moment ein Original.”

In November 2022, a young team of three students from the Eberhard Karl University of Tübingen visited us in Oettingen. The team recorded some footage in our brewery, asked lots of questions, and took the opportunity to speak with our colleagues – and all for a very good reason, of course! Melanie, Fabian and Malin were gathering material for a promotional film about OeTTINGER Brewery. The planning and production of the film formed part of their bachelor thesis. Now, the film is finished! Entitled “OeTTINGER. Jeder Moment ein Original” (OeTTINGER. Every moment an Original), the film depicts one of our crates embarking on a journey. It is first filled in the brewery with a variety of our drinks before being delivered to students in Tübingen. The students are shown enjoying themselves in various scenarios – always with the perfect OeTTINGER drink to hand. At the end, the empty crate is filled again. After all, it should almost go without saying, but there’s always enough OeTTINGER for everybody! 

Although not all the drinks featured in the film are still available as part of our product range, and while it is also probably fair to say that the student’s work is unlikely to be shown in movie theatres, the trio poured their heart and soul into this project and we are delighted to have this opportunity to share the final film with you all.

Here’s the link to the film on YouTube again.