After nearly 50 years: OeTTINGER bids farewell to a familiar face

After nearly 50 years: OeTTINGER bids farewell to a familiar face

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  • 31. October 2023

Johann Dietrich (für viele auch „Hans“ oder „Hansi“) war fast 50 Jahre bei OeTTINGER in OJohann Dietrich (more commonly known as Hans or Hansi) worked for OeTTINGER in Oettingen for almost 50 years – yesterday, a small celebration was held to send him off as he enters his well-earned retirement.

Hans Dietrich was just 14 years old when he began working in our brewery in 1974. He started out as an apprentice training to become a brewer and maltster. He quickly qualified as a Master Brewer and became an expert in bottling our OeTTINGER drinks. In more recent years, he was responsible for managing the bottling department in Oettingen, and was both a walking encyclopedia and an invaluable mentor for issues both big and small in our brewery.

A couple of years ago, his colleagues even christened the new canning line 10 the “Hans-Dietrich Line” in his honor. To bid him a fond farewell, his colleagues signed the plaque displaying his name and face, which has adorned the walls of the bottling hall ever since, and presented this to him as a parting gift. Brewery boss Pia Kollmar, who has known Johann Dietrich since they attended the kindergarten together, thanked him on behalf of the whole family-owned company for sharing the journey with them over so many decades: “Hansi Dietrich has stood close by us in both the good times and the bad. He has tackled every new challenge head on and seamlessly adapted to the changes that OeTTINGER Brewery has undergone. Thank you, Hansi!”

Johann Dietrich (10th from the left) enjoys a naturally cloudy Hefeweizen in the company of some of his OeTTINGER family at his leaving party yesterday

Find what about what makes Original OeTTINGER Export Johann Dietrich’s favorite beer, how his passion for DIY always came in handy at work, and the story of how he was almost struck by lightning during his time at OeTTINGER in his employee portrait on our website. Moreover, as our very first “OeTTINGER of the Month” at the start of the year, Hansi’s time at OeTTINGER will be preserved for posterity.
All the best for an enjoyable – and above all healthy – retirement in the future, Hansi, from all of your former colleagues at OeTTINGER!