“OeTTINGER adopts strategic realignment: “Drinks. Fair. For all.”“

“OeTTINGER adopts strategic realignment: “Drinks. Fair. For all.”“

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  • 1. December 2023

From beer brewer to drinks manufacturer

“We have been brewing beer for almost 300 years. Our ethos is top quality at a fair price. Now we have made the decision to extensively ramp up our activities in the areas of soft drinks and innovations. As such, OeTTINGER is transitioning from purely a beer brewer to a drinks manufacturer,” as CEO Stefan Blaschak explains in summarizing the strategic realignment.

Here at OeTTINGER, our ambition is to generate a large share of our revenue from alcohol-free and innovative drinks by 2026. Therefore, from the start of 2024, we will be operating under our umbrella brand OeTTINGER GETRÄNKE. Stefan Blaschak explains: “Our promise to customers can be summed up in a single word: Fairness! Because we remain committed to top quality at a fair price: Affordable for all. However, as a company we are obligated in particular to remain profitable and give our all to operate even more profitably in future.” 

Expansion of our own brands and export business

A core element of the strategic focus is the consolidation of our own brands. In just a few months, our main OeTTINGER brand will be given a new look. “We’re making the best bits more visible,” comments Stefan Blaschak on the brand relaunch. However, there are also plans to launch a whole new brand as well: Oe. Our CEO describes the new range: “Oe will disrupt the entire drinks market. Oe will become our synonym for creative, new, and unique product ideas, irrespective of whether they contain alcohol or not, whether they come in a can or a bottle, whether they are brewed, distilled or mixed.”

Sustainability and social responsibility

Furthermore, our sustainability strategy is also set to be rolled out next year. The aim is to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Stefan Blaschak explains: “We have always been energy efficient and played our part in conserving resources. We are sustainable because it simply makes sense. However, we are now going one step further by defining specific projects on the basis of the SBTi in order to scale our contribution to climate protection.” 

From 2024 onwards, social engagement on a regional level across Germany will become a further pillar of Corporate Social Responsibility at OeTTINGER. This is something we started many years ago with our personnel development program and by supporting small, individual initiatives. Now, this will be expanded to make it a clear brand symbol of OeTTINGER GETRÄNKE.

We will also invest in the further development of our workforce. In the words of Stefan Blaschak: “We make the same promise to our staff that we make to our customers: Fairness!”

Stay tuned!