OeTTINGER acquires protein beer manufacturer JoyBräu

OeTTINGER acquires protein beer manufacturer JoyBräu

  • Invesments
  • 26. January 2024

Please join me in offering the warmest of welcomes to the OeTTINGER family to JoyBräu! We are delighted to now have this legendary protein beer brand on board with us. JoyBräu is a Hamburg-based start-up established in 2016. In Germany, it rose to fame through the TV investment show “Die Höhle der Löwen” (VOX), which is the German version of Dragon’s Den (UK) and Shark Tank (USA), and has since added many innovative protein beers to its range over the years.

With this strategic acquisition, OeTTINGER is also strengthening its innovative capabilities. By incorporating the protein beer brand JoyBräu into our range, we will be taking its spirit, agility, and affinity for experimentation to the next level, as we integrate the patented process technology into the Oe product pipeline.
As you should be aware by now, Oe is our new innovation brand, under which functional drinks of all varieties will be available to both our domestic and international markets as of this year. We believe that the biggest potential here lies outside of Germany, especially when it comes to functional ingredients. In terms of acceptance and willingness to buy products with additional uses for wellbeing, consumers in many other countries are light years ahead of the curve. You are more than welcome to teach us a thing or two! 😉

And to finish, just a quick heads up: We will be launching more OeTTINGER innovations in the spring – it really is an exciting time for us! But fear not: none of these new products will take away from our greatest strength: Top quality at a fair price – always!

Different JoyBräu products.