OeTTINGER acquires international finance partners

OeTTINGER acquires international finance partners

  • Invesments
  • 23. February 2024

Through our steady evolution from a traditional brewer to an innovative drinks manufacturer, we at OeTTINGER have gained the trust of new financial institutions. Two European banking houses are now providing us with lines of credit in the double-digit millions.

“For our corporate strategy, it is a seal of approval to have international banking houses confirm its resilience and future viability,” declares OeTTINGER CEO Stefan Blaschak. “We have done our homework. This is now paying off and we can, as planned, invest in both our stability and also in our growth, especially internationally.”

As part of our reorientation, we started work on specifically strengthening our own brands and on innovative, alcohol-free new products for our domestic and foreign markets last year.
Last month, we acquired the protein beer brand JoyBräu, which is familiar from “Die Höhle der Löwen”1, and integrated its patented processing technology in our innovative brand Oe. We shall start marketing the first products from the Oe range, which comprises a variety of functional drinks, this spring. The facelift of our traditional OeTTINGER brands is also proceeding apace; the first products bearing the newly designed label will hit the shops in April.

Stefan Blaschak stresses, “There is a lot that’s new but one thing that won’t change is our OeTTINGER promise to all our consumers: you do not have to pay a fortune for outstanding quality – our drinks will still be fairly priced.”

1The German version of “Dragon’s Den”.