For the whole family: New spring products by OeTTINGER

For the whole family: New spring products by OeTTINGER

  • Innovation
  • 15. May 2024

We are continuing to strengthen our own brands, focusing this spring on special alcohol-free drinks for our traditional brand OeTTINGER. CEO Stefan Blaschak says: “OeTTINGER is more than just beer: We boast a fantastic range of lemonades, iced teas, and Fassbrause. So no matter if you’re big or small, young or old, whether you like to enjoy a drink at home or are feeling thirsty while out and about, wherever you are: OeTTINGER has something for you.”

OeTTINGER Cola-Orange and OeTTINGER Cola-Mate

Until now, OeTTINGER Cola-Orange was only available in southern Germany as Glorietta Cola-Mix. But now, in new reusable bottles – dark instead of white with crown corks instead of screw caps – as well as in brand-new PET bottles, it’s set to take northern Germany by storm.

After a one-year pause, we at OeTTINGER GETRÄNKE are relaunching our OeTTINGER Cola-Mate, and switching from the white 330ml bottles to the brown 500ml bottles so it gains greater acceptance in the retail sector.

Both lemonade varieties come in a retro design and will be available from May onward.

OeTTINGER iced tea peach sugar-free 

With well over a million crates sold since it was first launched in 2020, our OeTTINGER iced tea is one of the most popular iced teas that come in reusable bottles. And the most popular flavor, peach, is now available in a new variety: Sugar-free. OeTTINGER iced tea peach sugar-free is now available in stores across Germany.

The non-alcoholic new spring products by OeTTINGER: Eistee Pfirsich zuckerfrei, Cola-Orange, Cola-Mate and Cola-Orange in a sixpack of PET bottles.