NEVER NORMAL: OeTTINGER GETRÄNKE launches protein soda

NEVER NORMAL: OeTTINGER GETRÄNKE launches protein soda

  • Innovation
  • 15. May 2024

This spring, we are launching a whole host of new products from our OeTTINGER GETRÄNKE range in our traditional brand OeTTINGER’s new look. The highlight is the first range from our innovation brand Oe, OeWater: Protein soda in three different flavors.

OeWater protein soda

OeWater’s flavors are lemon, peach, and red berry. All are slightly sparkling and are currently available in selected stores in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, and Munich. Consumers can also order them online.

The special characteristic of OeWater is that every 500ml bottle contains 10g additional protein: Ready to drink and, in its lightweight PET format, also ready to go – no more weighing, mixing, and shaking necessary! OeWater is lactose-free, fat-free, and sugar-free.

“OeWater is aimed at anyone who finds water alone too boring and conventional protein drinks not convenient enough,” says CEO Stefan Blaschak. He adds: “OeWater is refreshingly fruity, yet also contains valuable proteins. OeWater tastes delicious but – as you would expect for OeTTINGER GETRÄNKE – comes at a fair price. In a nutshell: OeWater is ‘abnormally’ good.”

Oe’s motto: NEVER NORMAL

Oe will also be launching further product ranges on the market this year – and they too are set to be “abnormally good”. That is why our innovation brand bears the motto NEVER NORMAL and offers people a platform for their own, far-from-normal stories. For example, the label designs for OeWater were created by Berlin-based multi-disciplinary artist ANANI. Find out more about her life on Oe’s website –

Keep your eyes peeled and have a taste of our NEVER NORMAL protein soda!

Red Berry, Peach and Lemon are the tree flavors of the new OeWater Protein Soda.